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April 16, 2013
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CdR: Theodore app (revamped~) by Michiyo--Chan CdR: Theodore app (revamped~) by Michiyo--Chan
Edit: yay! I decided to revamp my little boy :iconloveloveplz:
The creepy old one: [link]


To :iconcirque-des-reves:

♥ N a m e : Theodore Bellavista

♥ A g e : 17

♥ B i r t h d a y : Apr. 23.

♥ V o i c e: Yuuichi Nakamura (Yuzan from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

♥ S p e c i e s: Permuter. Permuters have the hability of change their appearance; their second form can be some animal, some monster or another person. To hide the second appearance, they use some object as a seal, it can be accessories, clothes or rosaries, so Theo is a permuter who can get transformed in a dog if he takes off his collar. Normally, they were born as humans and became permuters for some reason or punishment. The person's traits depends on the creature who is the second form. This rare specie can be found in any place, hidden under their seals and trying to be normal.

♥ F a c t i o n : Red

♥ J o b : Shapeshifter. Theodore wants to get more confortable with his dog form, so he decided to be a shapeshifter. He likes to surprise the audience, jumping into flame rings and getting transformed while he jumps. He also make lots of dog tricks that normal dogs can't do.

♥ P e r s o n a l i t y :

*Hyperactive: Theo is always doing something different to avoid his routine. When he stops, he feels like his head is exploding and he can't keep his energy.

*Carefree: The situation doesn't matter, Theo never get worried by something. Obviously, he can fell scared, but never afflicted. It can be good or bad, optimistic people are constantly happy, but in some serious instances is better get concerned. So, Theodore isn't very responsible.

*Arrogant: He is very self-confident, so sometimes he sounds cocky and don't realize when he hurts people unconsciously.

*Communicative: Theo talks easily with people without feeling shyness. He says what's on his mind and don't care for other opinions. The only thing that makes Theodore embarrassed is his dog form, because he learned to hide it all the life.

*Dystracted: Theodore can't pay attention on the same thing for a long time. He haves difficulty to learn too complicated things.

*Insistent: When Theo wants something, he hardly gives up. This attitude may bother some people, but it's helpful.

*Impulsive: Theo acts and talks without reflect. He always cause misunderstandings, but he knows how to apologize. Sensible people maybe won't like him.

*Competitive: He hates losing. Theo loves challenges and don't care if the oponent looks better than him. If someone wanted to discover who can eat more sandwiches, who can run faster, who can spend more time without blinking or who can win more ponts to their faction, Theo would accept the challenge with no problem. (But it doesn't mean that he would win everything, xD)

♥ H i s t o r y :

London, 1883

"There is", she sayd, showing a little box with carved flowers. "This box was Bellavista's patrimony by decades. Your grandma gave it to me when I was ten. And now, I'm giving it to you. They says that this box hides a big secret and nobody can open it. You have to keep it away the thiefes."
Theodore starred at the little object. The box was very simple when compared with his mansion's decoration, in England.

"Okay, mom..." Theo answered.

"Do you promise that you'll never open it?"

"I promise."


After some weeks, Theodore woke up at night. The atmosphere was different... "Am I dreaming?"
He saw the mysterious box on his bed. "I tought I putted it in my cabinet..."
Suddenly, Theo felt a big desire of opening the box. "Anyone will see it..."
He unlocked the lock and opened the box... There were nothing. When he turned back, he saw his mother with a sad face.

"I'm very desapointed with you!"

"But the box is empty!"

"You SAW it empty." She sighed and sayd: "Look again..."

This time, Theo saw a leash full of spikes.

"You have to wear it." His mother's face was serious.

"And if I don't want to?"

"Please!" She sayd, almost crying: "You WILL want to."

Theodore opened his eyes. "Uf, it was just a nightmare..." But when he touched his neck, he felt a row of spikes scratching his hands.
Theo became scared, took off the leash and threw it away. After make it, he noticed that his hands turned into paws and he turned into a dog. And the scariest part of the fact was: he tried to feel worried, but he couldn't.

London, 1890

Theodore don't remember exactly how that strange event happened. He tried very hard to have a normal life, keeping his leash and acting naturally. His school period was calm, Theo had a particular teacher (as any rich boy has), called Richard. Sometimes he had difficulties on studying but his best friend, Evangeline, always helped him. Evangeline shared all her secrets with Theo, but he didn't tell her about his species.
Theo didn't like the economy class. He felt that it don't agree with him, and didn't get excited when he remember that he will keep his father's business. Richard tried to be comprehensive, but he had to teach what his boss asks to. Theo didn't counter his teacher and family because he wanted to show that he can do anything, even he likes it or not. One night, Richard decided to be honest:

"Theodore, stop lying to yourself. I can be fired if I say this, but... You don't want the family's job. I can see it in your eyes!"

"I don't like this job now, but I'll learn to like it. And what can I do?"

"Anything! You're FREE!"

Free... Yes, Theo was free... And abdicating the family's job can be a nice idea. He would do something cool and his brother, Seth, would keep the firm. But Theo decided to tell his idea to his family only when he finds a different job.
When they got graduated, Theo's family organized a prom to celebrate it. Obviuosly, Theo asked Evangeline to be his partner and she accepted. The prom happened in a big hall, decorated with expensive carpets, fresh food, candle lamps and lots of flowers. The orchestra played classic songs all the night, and romantic couples danced at the courtyard. It was almost perfect. Feeling encouraged, Theo called Evangeline to a quiet place at the yard and she confessed her love for him. He telled her about his species, and they promised to be always together and get married after he get a job. It was almost perfect... Too perfect.
There was a problem: maybe Evangeline didn't believe on the "permuter" history and after two years, Theo continued too undecided about his job...
He saw the Cirque des Reves for the first time when they were visiting the city. He visited the circus alone and was impressed by the shows, performers, magicians, the lights, the energy and the circus life. He saw people like him in the Red Faction and he tought he finally found a perfect job. He must tell it to Evangeline and his family!
When he came back from the circus, Theo found Seth on the garden. "Look at him", Theo tought, "he don't have idea about the news that he'll receive." Tell everything to Seth would be easy, but how would his father, Trevor, react? Maybe he would forbid Theo from going to the circus? After getting excited with that place, it would be very hard to forget. "It would be terrible!" When Theodore realized, he was immobile, starring at Seth since some minutes.

"What's up, Theo? Something wrong?"

"I'll be direct: I'll pass the family's business to you."

Seth was shocked:
"You can't do that!"

"You would be a nice businessman! And I have another dream!"

While the brothers were talking, Trevor was listening the conversation from the window. "My son don't want to work with me?" He coudn't react. Trevor almost jumped from the window, complaining and freaking out, but he just walked on the halls, murmuring that his son didn't love him and asking himself if he wasn't a nice father. Elizabeth saw his husment and tried to calm him down:

"Theo is free to chose any job. And you must to be happy with both your children!"

After some minutes, Trevor finally calmed down. When Theo gave him the news, Trevor supported his son with happy words. Evangeline arrived, and Theo called her (again) for the garden.
Theo spent some hours to explain his history to her. She just starred at him all the time... When he finished, she sayd, sarcastically:

"So... Do you want to work in a CIRCUS?"

"Yes!" Theo answered, "itsn't like a normal circus..."

"Good luck" Evangeline was serious. "You'll go without me."

"What? You promised that you would marry me if I found a job!"

"I would marry you if you found a REAL job. Oh, come on! You sayd that you're a DOG! And now, you want to work in a ridiculous circus, travelling without responsibility, participating in shows, like an aberration! How much will they pay?"

"I don't care for the money! Join that circus is my dream!"

"I tought I was your dream..." Evangeline looked disappointed. "Goodbye, Theo."

Theodore was very surprised with Evangeline's reaction. Maybe her love wasn't so true... But he didn't give up. On the next day, Theo went to Cirque des Reves to apply for a job. The circus owner was very kind and gave him a questionary about his life, likes, dislikes...
"It was very easy!" Theo tought, "Evangeline abandoned me... That's my chance! I can show for her and for the world that work in a circus is a honor!"

♥ L i k e s : Be with people, travel, compete, wolfs, vacations, sunlight and the strange habit of collect bread packs.

♥ D i s l i k e s : Stay quiet, cats (you can understand why), wake up early, cold, coffee and been judged by appearance.

♥ F a m i l y:

Theodore's family is rich, without big troubles. His parents live together and sometimes they visit the circus.

*Mom: Elizabeth Charlotte
She's shy and likes to spend her time in home. She's always trying to understand her two siblings.

*Father: Trevor Bellavista
He's a businessman. He's rigid and prefers the Theo's brother, Seth.

*Brother: Seth Bellavista
He's very friendly with Theo. He's shy like her mother, but relax when he's with friends. Seth's dream is inherit his father's business.

*Ex-Girlfriend: Evangeline Potter
She was Theo's best friend for years, but when he decided to work in the circus, she leaved him. She would love a man who works in a solid company and have lots of money, and the life with Theo would be too agitated.

*Teacher: Richard Mankins
He was Theo's particular teacher. He always supported his pupil, and didn't agree with Trevor's opinions about Theo. Richard also was Seth's teacher.

♥ R e l a t i o n s h i p s:

Name ~ Theodore's quote

Hali ([link]) ~ She didn't kill me yet, so I think we're friends! ovo
Fabien ([link]) ~He's a paradox: french and cool at the same time! e.e
Kaylen ([link]) ~ She's so cute and playful! And she knows how to win a snowball fight ^^'
Xue Mei ([link]) ~ Xue Mei is nice (even sometimes I can't understand her jokes ;u; )
♥ M I S C/O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n:

*Theodore wanted to be a shapeshifter for get confortable with his second form;
*When he turn from dog to human, he can't remember what he made as a dog;
*His bread packs collection is over fifty different brands.

♥ R P m e t h o d s :

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RipperLady Apr 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh, he became even more cute and smexy :iconsomoeplz:
Michiyo--Chan Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconsocute-plz: Thank you!!
Kao: D-Dog! -runs for the hills-

Ah...Sorry...My fox kind of had a bad time with dogs in the past...
Michiyo--Chan Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Theodore: *stares at Kao* hm... What happened? *confused*

:icontherethereplz: Kao, come back! Are you okay?
Kaome: -peeks out from behind a box- ...

She's fine, just...As I said, she's kind of scared of dogs...

Kaome: Dogs hunt foxes...
Michiyo--Chan Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Theodore: No, I won't hunt you! *makes a pleasant face*

His human form is the most powerful, he won't catch a ball if he don't want to xD

Theodore: My only problem is with... *looks around* cats...
Kaome: ... -steps out from behind box- ...Sure...? -chuckles- Yeah...Cats...are a bit mean.

Heh, the opposite of Kao. Her fox form is stronger then her human one.
Michiyo--Chan Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Pats Kaome*

She is so adorable, I wanna hug her! *--*
Go ahead. She loves pets and hugs.
Michiyo--Chan Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you rp by notes? ;v;
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